Why metal detection is so important?

Industrial scale manufacturing and packaging involves the use of various metallic machines, which makes it almost certain that with time, metal contamination occurs. Should such contamination make it to the shelves, a recall would be necessary seriously damaging the brand image. Authorities dealing with food safety and large retailers have introduced increasingly strict regulations over the years in an effort to reduce such risks.

Metal detectors can not only mitigate these risks, but also offer alternative uses, such as protecting sensitive equipment in the production line.

Metal detectors can identify and reject unwanted metallic contamination from the production line. They generate an electric field which is distorted when a metallic object passes through it. The change in the electric field is detected, its characteristics are analysed by the machine, and an algorithm determines if the product should be rejected. Certain products are easy to work with but others such as products containing salty water or being enclosed in metallised film bag can be more difficult to deal with, however even those can be processed using the right equipment.
  • Ensuring product safety and protecting the brand.
  • Complying with regulations.
  • Protecting equipment.
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Chemical
To achieve maximum detection sensitivity with minimum false rejects, not only precise mechanical and electrical engineering is essential but the unit must be running a robust, feature-rich control software. PRISMA metal detectors can easily meet these requirements and more. Advanced functions such as self checks, phase adjustment and automatic balancing help maintaining consistency and increase reliability. The easy to use alphanumeric graphic display have a logical layout and password protection prevents unauthorised access. Event logging and printing capabilities make integration with standard operating procedures effortless.
  • Granular/powder products in high flow tubing and piping.
  • Small, high-flow loose pharmaceutical products, such as tablets and capsules.
  • Small, small to medium and medium to large sized loose and packaged products.
  • Principle of operation: digital with bi-dimensional image.
  • Multi-frequency technology.
  • Very high sensibility to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel.
  • High immunity to environmental interference. Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics.
  • Protection from dust and water (IP55, IP65).
  • Alphanumerical or graphical display with touchscreen.
  • 3 levels of security with password protection.
  • 100 storable product presets (expandable).
  • Phase adjustment function.
  • Automatic product compensation (tracking).
  • Adjustable speed (conveyor models).
  • Self-check function.
  • Reports with timestamps.
  • Total detection printout.
  • In compliance with ISO, FDA, HACCP, GMP regulations and standards such as BRC, Mark & Spencer, etc.

Optional accessories include:

  • Programs memory expansion.
  • Ethernet interface for use with the DMT software.
  • Signalling lamp.
  • USB interface.
  • FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ validations.
  • Ejection synchronism photocell (conveyor models).
  • Ejection check photocell (conveyor models).
Multech is capable of designing and manufacturing customised solutions built around the detector head. Besides unique conveyor systems we can build customised removal systems such as:

  • Push arm
  • Air blast
  • Retracting conveyor
  • Divert systems

Our test unit allows us to determine sensitivity for a given product at our Budapest office or at the customer’s facility for packages not larger than 500mm/300mm (width/height).

Multech has over 15 years of experience with metal detectors, we have installed over a hundred units mainly for Hungarian food and pharmaceutical companies. Our extensive experience in the field allowed us to make partnership with PRISMA Industriale a leading provider of metal detectors.

With an installation base of over 7000 machines and more than 30 years of experience in inspection and quality control, PRISMA metal detectors can easily meet today’s regulations and even stricter customer requirements. Our close cooperation with PRISMA enables us to find the most economic solution for a given type of budget with expected financial return.

MFN11 with 60 conveyor

Metal detector for small and medium sized loose and packaged products.

Data sheet (PDF)

MFN11 with 70 conveyor

Metal detector for medium and large sized loose and packaged products.

Data sheet (PDF)


Metal detectors for granular and powder products in high flow tubing and piping.

Data sheet (PDF)